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What’s New

Knowing What’s Next, Now

Key MONITOR Insights over the past few years

Americans fear no change

The 2016 election results were not a surprise as MONITOR cited months earlier that Americans had  a “fear of no change” and were craving novelty no matter how disruptive. (June 2016)

Fear No change
Consumers are at greater risk for a global pandemic

Driven by urbanization, climate change, global travel and the faster spread of information, MONITOR warned that the threat and fear of pandemics were expected to increase.
(May 2017)

Brands need to determine their role in inclusion & social justice

MONITOR launched a tool in 2019 to help brands determine how brave consumers expected their brands to be when it comes to diversity and inclusion, cultural connection and social issues. (Dec 2019)


Enhancing Client Value

Recent MONITOR Innovations & Upgrades

More robust
future-forward content

Introduction of  a comprehensive trends framework, including macro and emergent trends

Enhanced digital tools

New user friendly data dashboards, upgraded content platform and introduction of a searchable marketplace examples database

Integration of Youth
and Identity & Inclusivity content

Global and U.S. survey and content expansion to better cover Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans and Americans with Disabilities

Dynamic Values Framework

Introduction of a personal values framework that provides a quick view of critical values similarities and differences across consumer targets and geographies

More timely and nimble insights

Quarterly surveys and quick-turn critical topic surveys and Streetscapes missions

Vertical MONITOR expansions

Launch of Canada MONITOR, Sports MONITOR and China MONITOR

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