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Humanizing the motivations driving behavior


MotiveMix – Kantar’s unique capability leveraging the U.S. MONITOR data – is a portfolio of 15 attitudinal dimensions that deliver deeper perspective and insight into why consumers do what they do in the marketplace.

Projected onto a U.S. marketing database of 270MM adults, MotiveMix can be linked to digital platforms and your own CRM database for insight and activation.

Add human-centric insights to your knowledge of consumer behavior to get a robust picture of your target consumer and what defines their priorities and compels their market behavior.


Individual-level scoring of High, Medium or Low for each dimension

MotiveMix integrates human insights into your Big Data

Apply ​Kantar’s portfolio of attitudinal dimensions to assess the primary motivations of your target population – and use it to inform your strategic and tactical initiatives and accelerate your marketing ROI by integrating into your research and CRM systems.

Our Experts

Daphane Tan

Consultant, MONITOR Analytics

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