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MONITOR Analytics

Unlock the human dimension of your customer and prospect behavioral data

Make better decisions and turn insight into action to create real impact for your brand.
Make insight and knowledge your competitive advantage.
Introducing Kantar’s MONITOR Analytics solutions to unlocking human insights and engaging more deeply with your consumers.
MONITOR Analytics

Our proprietary data tools are developed from the U.S. MONITOR consumer attitudinal research.

MONITOR Analytics

Powerful algorithms project our consumer insights onto the full U.S. adult population (240MM+), linking to digital platforms and your own CRM systems for insight and activation.

MONITOR Analytics

Unlock your consumer mindset by integrating deeper human insights to create higher ROI.

Our Solutions

MONITOR Analytics

MotiveMix attitudinal portfolio uncovers specific motivations driving today’s consumer to help you shape a stronger, more successful relationship based on what matters most in their lives.

MONITOR Analytics

MindBase attitudinal segmentation identifies 11 unique consumer segments and the attitudes and values that bind them as a generation but set them apart as individual cohorts.

MONITOR Analytics

The WellBEINGS segmentation is a six-segment framework assessing the physical, social/emotional and financial attitudes of unique groups of American consumers.

All supported by our Strategic Consulting Services and Tactical Tool Kits of rich consumer segment profiles, geo-targeting capabilities, ​online and offline activation platforms and ​hands-on experience applying these frameworks in the real world.

Round out your understanding of the “WHO” and the “WHAT” with deeper comprehension of the “WHY” and the “WHAT NEXT”.

Our Expert

Colleen Sharp

SVP, MONITOR Analytics

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