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A comprehensive

Kantar’s U.S. MONITOR provides syndicated consumer insights, foresights and strategy for the U.S. marketplace, which comprises survey data, trends, topical deep dives, thought leadership and consultative support. 


U.S. MONITOR is designed with you in mind. Today’s marketplace is complex—people are harder to understand, trends are harder to stay ahead of, and you don’t always have the time or tools to identify what matters most. Every MONITOR client is supported by a dedicated team of consultants to put our insights and foresights ecosystem to work for your specific business needs. 

Insights, Foresights
and Strategy 

U.S. MONITOR is not your traditional insights service. Our syndicated solution is valuable not just for your insights team but across your entire business; innovation, R&D, DEI, HR, brand, marketing and strategy teams all derive value from the data, content and consulting that U.S. MONITOR delivers as well.

With U.S. MONITOR insights, data, and team of analysts, you can…


Deepen Understanding

Move beyond a surface-level understanding of the consumer by enriching segmentations and diving deep into your customers’ core values and beliefs as whole human beings.


See the
Big Picture

Take an outside-in perspective by leveraging trends frameworks and foresight capabilities that allow you to anticipate change and proactively plan against it.  


Find Untapped Growth

Connect with the nation’s fastest-growing consumer segments and unlock the potential of high-growth cohorts with our dedicated expertise in youth and DEI.



Act with confidence knowing that Kantar’s data is the gold standard in the marketing research industry and can be relied upon for the most important decisions. 

Content Highlights

Webinar: 2022 MONITOR Consumer Trends

Be inspired by the latest trends that are meeting consumers’ emerging needs in areas such as Wellbeing, Identity, Responsibility, Protection and Status. The MONITOR team showcases powerful trend metrics, including reach, momentum and category relevance, that can more effectively help you spot future disruptions in the marketplace, make better bets on innovation spaces and stay on-trend with evolving consumer attitudes and behaviors. 

Download on the Next Normal: January 2022 

A look at how Americans rebooted their lives and what trends will stick with us as the pandemic fades into the next normal. 

5 Implications: Black and Hispanic Teens

How identity shapes teens’ relationships with family, community and brands. 

Spotlight on Environmentalism 

How salient are environmental issues for Americans, and how do they impact their purchase decisions?