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Cultural Streetscapes

Streetscapes is Kantar’s Network of global cultural correspondents.

Streetscapers observe, interpret and report on what’s shaping their marketplace, helping clients learn from the leading edge of culture and switch on growth.

Global Cultural Intelligence

500+ Streetscapers​
140+ Cities ​
50+ Countries


  • Journalists & Writers ​
  • Tech & Lifestyle Bloggers​
  • Media & Marketing Strategists
  • Designers (print, digital, video)​
  • Artists & Creatives​
  • Fashion Consultants​
  • Entrepreneurs


Has a portfolio, website, blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with relevant following or esteem, exhibiting their vision and skills.

Cultural Streetscapes map


Establish foundational intelligence on categories, topics and attitudes around the world, with the attention to cultural nuance that only on-the-ground correspondents can provide.

Sample Streetscaper Briefings​

  • How are emerging local discourses on inclusivity disrupting traditional definitions of identity?​
  • What’s the current landscape for holistic beauty innovations in Brazil, Colombia, China and Indonesia? ​
  • Where are the culturally leading-edge millennials in Brooklyn, Austin, L.A., and Portland going out at night? What are the differences between cities?


Keep your trend frameworks forward-facing. Be on the pulse of emerging consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Sample Streetscaper Briefings:

  • How are expectations of trust in Spain and Portugal changing in the food & beverage industry?​
  • How have the daily behaviours and values of people in Italy and Sweden shifted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?​
  • What are the most recent cultural conversations, tensions, and pockets of contention concerning sustainability in France and South Africa?


Collect creative stimuli from marketplace innovations. Learn from the leading edge across categories and geographies.

Sample Streetscaper Briefings:

  • How are apparel retail outlets in Tokyo, Seoul, Stockholm and São Paulo elevating consumer experiences? ​
  • What types of beauty messaging trending in Europe can apply to and accelerate interest in Canada? ​
  • How are sun care brands in South Korea, France, and Germany broadening the concept of sun protection?

Cultural Streetscapes Microsite

Streetscapers continually provide on-the-ground context and nuance behind our MONITOR data assets.

The Streetscapes Microsite is a dynamic feed of global marketplace discoveries from our Streetscapes Network that signal evolving consumer values and emergent trends across the world.

Join our Global Streetscapes Network

Members of the Streetscapes Network are vetted for their cultural expertise, insight and future-focused perspectives.

Typical Careers: Journalists, writers, tech & lifestyle bloggers, media & marketing strategists, designers (print, digital, video), entrepreneurs, etc.