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Kantar’s WellBEINGS solution identifies a holistic set of priorities for each segment

  • Built from the U.S. MONITOR survey of American attitudes and values, we’ve uncovered six unique segments with varying priority and engagement in their:
    • Physical wellbeing including nutrition, diet, exercise, and health conditions;
    • Emotional/Social wellbeing including mental health, stress management, community connections;
    • Financial wellbeing including fiscal discipline, financial confidence, and retirement preparedness.
  • Projected onto a marketing database of 270MM U.S. adults for immediate activation on your CRM system and online and offline platforms.

Meet The WellBEINGS Segments



“I find purpose in helping others and the broader world but could use advice and products to help me better manage my own health and finances.”



“I’m disciplined in all areas of life. Holistic health is my mantra as I seek balance across all aspects of my wellbeing, and I’m happy to invest in myself.”



“I set a high bar for myself and push to excel at all times. I’m on track with my physical health but I stress about being able to achieve the goals I’ve set for my finances and relationships.”



“I trust myself to get through life and I have concerns about ensuring a secure retirement down the road. I’m in the driver’s seat so don’t tell me what to do – give me the keys and I’ll take it from here.”



“I’ve worked hard to get where I am today! But my indifference towards my health has started to catch up with me. I’m worried my health challenges may hamper the happy retirement I’ve been counting on.”



“My focus on my finances has paved the way for a lifestyle where I can truly relish in what I’ve accomplished. I’m willing to splurge – on myself, my health and others. It’s nice to be able to share my good fortune.”

WellBEINGS can provide holistic insights on your healthcare and financial services customers

Apply Kantar’s ready-made segmentation to rapidly divine your target segments for the greatest long-term growth, inform your strategic and tactical initiatives and accelerate your marketing ROI by integrating into your research and CRM systems.

Our Experts

Daphane Tan

Consultant, MONITOR Analytics

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