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Youth Insights

MONITOR has been at the forefront of understanding the hearts and minds of generations for the last half-century. We know what makes generations tick, and we’ve been tracking the growth and evolution of Gen Z’s mindset in our data for more than a decade. Our experts and in-depth insights on today’s teens and young adults deliver strategic guidance to businesses looking to shape their marketing for this new generation of consumers and employees. 

By leveraging Kantar’s youth expertise and MONITOR data, we provide both syndicated and custom solutions aimed at developing a truly deep understanding of Gen Z’s values, attitudes and priorities today—and anticipating the impact of these insights and foresights on the future marketplace. 

“Gen Z is the biggest of all the disruptions to come.” 

J. Walker Smith, “Disruptions Are The New Normal,” Kantar FutureView Webinar, 4/14/21 

Content Highlights

Gen Z Infographic

The key facts, core values, critical mindsets and connection points of this emergent generation

Gen Z Stressed Eaters 

How Gen Z’s Battle with Stress is Shaping their Food Decisions

Global Youth Spotlight Gen Z & Social Life

Gen Z’s perspective on social life, maintaining connection and finding friends.