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A New Challenge

Understanding and connecting with sports fans used to be simple. But as the role of athletics evolves in the culture, brands that invest in sports are challenged like never before to keep pace with modern fans’ increasingly complex identities, expectations, motivations, and engagement habits.

Go Beyond the Gut

Seizing opportunities in the future sports marketplace will require new ideas that engage, inspire, and motivate modern sports fans. But with limited strategic insights or reliable data about how sports fans think and feel about the factors shaping sports, critical business decisions are too often left to chance and gut-feel.

Who We Are

Sports MONITOR is a new syndicated insights service for brands seeking a deeper, more human connection with the modern sports fan. Featuring ongoing, data-backed business intelligence and insights about the factors shaping the future sports marketplace, it is a vital resource for winning with the next generation of fans.

With Sports MONITOR insights, data, and team of analysts, you can…

Get Inspired

Take an “outside in” approach to spur new ideas tailored for your industry.

Move Faster

Make decisions that keep up with the pace of the rapidly changing marketplace with our on-demand insights, data, and team of analysts.

Go Deeper

Move beyond surface-level behavioral data and develop a holistic understanding of the modern sports fan and participant’s lifestyles.

Be Bolder

Act with Confidence that Kantar’s data is the gold-standard in the marketing research industry and can be relied upon for the big decisions.

The Future of Sports:

A 360 degree view pf Sports MONITOR’s Editorial Coverage

Content Highlights

Webinar: Engaging Gen Z Sports Fans

One year after the disruption of a lifetime, the sports industry is still standing. But as fans return to venues and we look ahead to a post-pandemic future, sports is facing an even bigger obstacle: Engaging Gen Z fans and athletes. Amidst a pandemic that has exacerbated declines in youth participation and viewership, sports’ Gen Z problem must be addressed before it becomes a full-fledged crisis. In our latest webinar, Ryan McConnell and Steve Kulp, leaders of Kantar Sports MONITOR, provide new insight on modern sports fans and participants in this time of change.

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