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Navigating Confrontational Consumerism

A Guidebook for a Complex Marketplace

We are living in an era of Confrontational Consumerism, where the dynamic interaction between public sentiment and corporate accountability creates a sea of risks for business to navigate.

And with a national election looming in the U.S., wars in two critically important regions of the world, and the aftershocks of the pandemic fresh in people’s minds, there is no shortage of potential triggers for confrontation. 

What brands need is a roadmap and a plan to successfully navigate this challenging era. 

Completed in December 2023, Kantar’s unique, multi-client Confrontational Consumerism study provides you with:

  • The Navigating Confrontational Consumerism Guidebook, which outlines four scenarios for the future of Confrontational Consumerism to 2027+ 
  • Analysis of the cultural drivers fueling these scenarios plus strategic guidance for brands and businesses to navigate this complex operating environment.  
  • A private 60-minute briefing to embed project learning into your organization
  • The opportunity to upgrade and customize the Guidebook with additional segment and category deep dives, activation workshops, or engagement strategy scenarios
Is your organization ready for a world increasingly defined by Confrontational Consumerism? 
Complete the form to the left to learn more and receive an abstract of the Guidebook. 

Cost: $15,000