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Generative AI 2028: The Human View

How will people integrate generative AI into their lives as the technology evolves and what will it mean for businesses?

With the wide release of DALL-E and ChatGPT in 2022, the public is suddenly aware of how powerful generative AI tools have become. But so far, the conversation has lacked a clear, human-centered perspective on the near future.

How will generative AI affect the daily lives of consumers over the next several years? What can businesses start doing today to plan and adapt, and find opportunity in this technology?

This timely and informative report explores these questions, unlocking powerful perspectives from insight, foresight, strategy and innovation professionals across diverse industries and delivering a clear view of the drivers and dynamics that will define how generative AI will impact work, commerce, education, social life and more over the next five years.

Content includes:

  • Why a Human View of Generative AI? An outline of our project’s central question, process and research inputs
  • The Human+ Model, a framework mapping the roles that generative AI will play in people’s lives over the next 5+ years
  • 2028 Forecasts for the evolution and impact of Generative AI
  • A Day in the Life 2028 generational view of generative AI
  • Recommended next steps for organizations that want to continue to develop a human view of generative AI
  • Appendix: Expert and lead user key takeaways

Cost: $15,000. Cost includes the report PLUS a one-hour presentation with an unlimited number of seats at your organization, hosted by a futures and innovation expert from Kantar’s Foresight Practice to discuss the report findings and their implications for your organization.