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The GLP-1 Moment…
and Opportunity

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GLP-1 Syndicated Study

An in-depth look at emerging attitudes, shopping patterns and lifestyle behaviors. Planned for 4 waves: December 2023 and March, June and September 2024.

Digital Trends Pulse

A comprehensive view of search and online behaviors. Planned for 12 monthly waves covering December 2023 through November 2024.

U.S. MONITOR Quick Dives

A data-rich snapshot of attitudes and lifestyles drawn from the November 2023 MONITOR recontact survey.

Foresight Co-Lab: Beyond Ozempic™

A multi-client, 3-month consulting project to explore the potential scenarios of anti-obesity medications over the next three to five years. Starting with a summit and concluding with a briefing. Optional planning workshop also offered.

Other content

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Kantar’s Retail Sound Bites

Episode 54: Balancing Act: GLP-1 Breakthroughs and the Impact on CPGs

In episode 54 of Kantar’s Retail Sound Bites, Barry Thomas, senior retail thought leader, and Rachel Dalton, head of retail insights, discuss the rise of GLP-1 weight-loss drugs and the forecasted implications on the food and beverage industries with Leigh O’Donnell, head of shopper and category insights, and Patricia Gregory, global analytics lead, at Kantar.

Episode 48: The GLP-1 Revolution: Retail Health Unveiled with Leslie Thomas and Cathy Watkins

GLP-1 drugs are gaining popularity as an innovative solution to weight loss. With almost 43% of the US population being obese, this presents a strategic opportunity for the healthcare industry. Only 20% of Semaglutide users experience side effects, and the significant advertising spending by Rx manufacturers is driving demand for this new class of weight loss drugs.


Webinar: Managing the Weight—GLP-1s and What’s to Come

GLP-1 medications have taken the healthcare industry – and pop culture – by storm and have the potential to reshape the eating and shopping habits of consumers everywhere. As demand grows, manufacturers and retailers of food, beverages, and health-adjacent categories need to keep their eyes on emerging and shifting consumer trends and how they will shape the future for brands.

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