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A Kantar Foresight Co-Lab

Planning for the Next Five Years of AOMs

Ozempic and other GLP-1 medications have taken the marketplace by storm. Moving forward, their impact will be felt across a wide range of industries as both clinical and off-label uses (e.g., cosmetic weight loss) are expected to grow rapidly. In fact, some project the global market for these drugs will rise from about $20 billion in 2022 to more than $100 billion in 2030. 

But business leaders don’t need market forecasts to know that anti-obesity medications (AOMs) will be a gamechanger. What they need is a clear-eyed view of the future AOM landscape and a deeper understanding of what the downstream impacts will be for their categories and businesses.

To address this, Kantar is launching Beyond Ozempic: Planning for the Next Five Years of AOMs, a multi-client research project.

Participants will gain clarity about the future of AOMs and, more importantly, how these drugs could impact the lives of consumers and the fortunes of brands and businesses well beyond the health sector.

Co-Lab Clients receive:

An onboarding call to meet the Kantar team and share how your firm intends to apply the research.

A virtual Co-Lab Roundtable the third week of April to meet other project sponsors and engage with Kantar around an initial set of insights on the future of AOMs.

Two passes to the Beyond Ozempic Summit in June. Attendees will preview the Co-Lab report and collaborate with other sponsors at this in-person, interactive workshop.

The Beyond Ozempic Co-Lab report, which will include an analysis of key drivers, critical certainties / uncertainties, and a set of narratives outlining the 3-5 year future of the AOM landscape.

A private 60-minute readout to socialize the report and overall project learning in your organization.

Co-Lab clients may choose to add:

  • A full-day action planning workshop to stress test current portfolio and strategies against this future view.
  • Quantitative data and insights from Kantar’s ongoing survey work into the behaviors and attitudes of consumers who use GLP-1s.