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Metaverse 2027 – Expectations & Extremes

A Kantar Foresight Co-Lab Report

The metaverse has attracted intense interest, waves of investment and unlimited questions. Its future potential is both undefined and limitless. And therein lies the problem.

In this timely and informative report, the experts in Kantar’s Foresight Practice explore 8 realistic scenarios for what brands should expect from the metaverse over the next five years, including what this emerging digital territory will look like, where and how brands should participate and potential challenges to anticipate.

Content includes:

  • 6 critical certainties
  • 3 critical uncertainties
  • 2 scenario models exploring the future

Report findings are based on analysis of 60+ unique drivers of change pertaining to the metaverse, interviews with global experts from diverse backgrounds and participation by 20 leading brands who co-sponsored the research.

Cost: $12,500. Cost includes the report PLUS a one-hour consultation with a futures and innovation expert from Kantar’s Foresight Practice to discuss the report findings and their implications for your organization.