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Gen Z & Sustainability

A Kantar Foresight Co-Lab Report

Most brands think they know what people mean by sustainability. Yet few, if any, have their arms around the magnitude of change being unleashed by the conjoining of sustainability and Gen Z. The very idea of sustainability is about to get a massive makeover as the 60 million U.S. members of Gen Z take it well beyond “being green” and connect it to a wider range of social, economic and cultural issues.

In this informative report, Kantar’s Foresight Practice will help you prepare for this next era of sustainability by exploring how Gen Z’s unique values, attitudes and expectations will redefine where brands and businesses need to take action on sustainability toward 2030.

Content includes:

  • The formative experiences that have defined Gen Z’s views on sustainability and how they will move sustainability beyond yesterday’s view of it
  • How Gen Z’s views on sustainability differ from previous generations and how these opinions may evolve as Gen Z moves into new life stages in coming years
  • The activists, influencers and entrepreneurs defining Gen Z’s views on sustainability?
  • What Gen Z will expect brands and businesses to prioritize amid the evolving sustainability landscape

Cost: $7,500. Cost includes the report PLUS a one-hour consultation with a futures and innovation expert from Kantar’s Foresight Practice to discuss the report findings and their implications for your organization.