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Foresight Co-Lab

Health 2030

Finding Growth Amid Disruption

The unique needs and perspectives of women have historically been an afterthought in the health and wellbeing marketplace. This is no longer an option as diverse drivers point to a dynamic future for women’s health with: 
  • New competition. Savvy startups and early-movers are placing big bets on fem-tech and women’s health more broadly as a driver of future growth. New influencers are informing women’s views on their personal health and wellness options.
  • New consumers. Gen Z women are moving into adulthood and BIPOC women are raising their voices about their unique experiences and needs. 
  • New cultural flashpoints. Women’s health is a highly personal topic. It is also a highly public topic at the center of our cultural and civic conversation. 
  • New openness and knowledge. Stigmas are falling away on topics like menopause and more is being learned about just how unique the needs and perspectives of women are across all life stages. 

Amid these changes—and in a world where health and wellbeing is no longer just a sector, but rather a benefit that consumers want from every product and service—brands of all stripes must have an answer to the question: 

What is the future of women’s health and what role can our brand play in it? 

With this in mind, Kantar is convening a multi-sponsor foresight study for businesses that want to find opportunities within the evolving world of women’s health. Participants will:

  • Partner with and learn from non-competitive peers in a collaborative foresight process. 
  • Gain a deep understanding of the drivers and future directions for women’s health to 2030.
  • Identify where and how their business can better serve women and find growth amid disruption. 
Participants of the Co-Lab receive:
  • A Future Playbook that outlines robust and future-facing opportunities in women’s health to 2030.
  • Access to an exclusive network of non-competitive peers who are passionate about better understanding and finding opportunities in women’s health.  
  • A tight process that starts with an onboarding call to share your team’s ideas, assumptions, and questions about women’s health and how you plan to use the research with the Kantar team. This is also your chance to shape the research, e.g., by suggesting topics, recommending experts we should interview.  
  • A project kickoff with the other clients to build the network and meet the foresight and insight professionals taking part in this project. 
  • A collaborative experience based on Kantar’s Future Playbook process that provides a variety of deliverables and opportunities for collaboration (e.g., Drivers of Change, Future Dynamics, Future Forum, Future Playbook).
  • A private 90-minute working session for each sponsoring organization to embed project learning into your organization.

For more information, please reach out directly to set up a discussion with our team.

Chris Carbone

Phelix Fincher