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Your business is in a privileged position

  • Petcare is experiencing exceptional growth in virtually every place on earth
  • There are few, if any leading indicators that this trend will reverse in the forseeable future
  • You have a powerful portfolio of category-leading brands, with even greater potential
  • You are pursuing large-scale opportunities to expand your business

But there are seismic shifts in the category and competitive landscape

Evolving consumer preferences and dietary attitudes reflecting in pet food choices, especially among younger generations

Heightened recognition of the symbiosis between owner and pet, and the community aspects of pet ownership

Science and technology capabilities changing food, nutrition and diet ‘standards’ and solutions for holistic pet care 

Increasing consumer consciousness and demand for transparency, paired with increasing access to information

New competitive offers and ease of market entry creating considerable fragmentation

Explosive growth in emerging markets and emerging categories

Shifting business models changing the nature of competition

And through it all, a powerful undercurrent of humanization and personification of pets, changing the nature of relationships consumers have with their pets and the ways they care for them

Petcare serves as a key growth engine for the business, but despite continued growth and expansion, we also observe declining share…

…complicated by an increasingly complex portfolio…

…challenged by differences across regions and markets of varying levels of development…

…and strained by a need to balance short-term business results with a long-term strategic outlook

But there is an extraordinary amount of opportunity to continue to take advantage of going forward

In fact, the category leaders are (re)writing the script for the future of pet care


Mars acquiring numerous veterinary care businesses and diversifying their pet care ecosystem


Nestle Purina acquiring and pursuing new retail and channel opportunities

Navigating the future of the category will require smart strategy and a future-ready portfolio, built from deep insights on your consumers and their pets

Keys to winning for NPP:

  • managing a multi-speed business to drive long-term growth and proactively pursue new opportunities and ‘big bets’, with new levels of agility and responsiveness
  • balancing breadth and depth, with clarity and simplification to facilitate consumer navigation of your portfolio
  • Simplifying and unifying how you work together across the business, globally, regionally, and locally
  • Leveraging your scale to define and drive the future of the category

Our proposed approach seeks to unlock the full potential of your portfolio, giving you privileged access to the heads and hearts of consumers


Equipping you to grow your business by evolving your view of the world


Because after all, you are not in the business of pet food.


Nor are you in the business of pet care.


You are really in the business of family care.

How do we deliver the next era of growth for Nestle Purina Petcare through a holistic, future-facing, human-centric segmentation of the global pet owner landscape?


Deliver a powerful, flexible, actionable segmentation framework that balances global, regional and local strategic needs


Identify meaningful points of convergence and necessary points of divergence across markets and dog vs. cat


Bring segments to life in rich, vibrant detail to enable clear and compelling decision-making across the business


Illuminate new opportunities for your portfolio and activate that strategy through smart data connection across the touchpoints that matter


Successfully embed the segmentation as an overarching strategic platform to drive alignment, commitment and collaboration

Our initial POV on a strategic segmentation framework, designed to: