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Immersion Series

A month-long series that equips you with the insights, strategy, and foresights you need to thrive in 2023 and beyond
The marketplace is in full transition to its post-pandemic next normal status, and one thing is
for certain—disruption and volatility are going to be defining characteristics of the future. Our MONITOR Immersion Series provides the insights you’ll need to navigate the most important pillars of the marketplace: the state of the consumer today, the untapped opportunity in the DEI space, and a strategic look at the future that lies ahead.
This October, our experts will introduce a new perspective focused on one of these opportunity areas. Participants will receive unlimited seats to all four webinar events, a copy of each presentation deck after the event, and a 60-minute consultation session with the presenters on one of the perspectives.

Oct. 6

12 p.m. Eastern

The 2023 U.S. Outlook

What are the new consumer fundamentals of pervasive disruption?

The modern marketplace is defined by uncertainty. But as we transition to the next normal, the time is ripe for marketers to refocus on foundational principles and futureproof their brands for whatever disruptions lie ahead. To help you prepare, join us as we explore the New Consumer Fundamentals—the dimensions of price, quality, convenience, service and impact that modern consumers expect from modern businesses.

Oct. 20

12 p.m. Eastern

The 2023 Identity & Inclusion Outlook

How do businesses address an increasingly complex DEI landscape?

Brands embarking on an inclusion journey are operating in a divided and tense environment. Learn the principles of inclusion marketing with clear guidelines on how to avoid pitfalls and successfully engage high-growth yet under-represented and unserved populations.

Oct. 27

12 p.m. Eastern

The 2023 FutureView

What is the next macro-cultural shift in the consumer marketplace?

A macroeconomic perspective by Kantar expert J. Walker Smith. 

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