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Metaverse 2027:
Expectations & Extremes

A Kantar Foresight Co-Lab
August 2022   

Science fiction has been painting a picture of the metaverse for decades, pointing the way toward speculative, hyper-real worlds. Second Life and other virtual environments have been with us for over 20 years. And now many of the world’s largest companies are either jumping all in or teetering on the edge trying to figure out what to do.

But what even is the metaverse?

Seemingly related topics of intense discussion include virtual reality, augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, Web3, NFTs, video games, and more.


In reality, the entire space remains unclear, ill-defined, and overhyped.

Given this state of confusion, Kantar is launching our next Kantar Foresight Co-Lab – aiming to create stretchy but plausible scenarios for what this emerging digital territory will look like in 2027, as well as an inventory of potential challenges we should anticipate. Kantar is uniquely positioned to address this question, as we have the world’s leading Foresight Practice and a unique approach with our Foresight Co-Labs. 

You have questions that others share as well. You have decisions to make on where / how to play. And you have a unique perspective that will help shape the future.

Please join us as we crack open a fascinating and clarifying exploration of what comes next.

Co-Lab Sponsors will receive
  • An onboarding call and an initial set of insights about the metaverse, mined from Kantar MONITOR and additional studies on immersive digital worlds.
  • A Co-Lab Roundtable with other world-class organizations. Hosted by Senior Partner Don Abraham and members of Kantar’s Foresight Practice, this virtual event will give sponsors the chance to engage with peers on the topic of the metaverse and its evolution.
  • A Metaverse 2027 Report based on qualitative and quantitative analysis that will describe how the metaverse will evolve, including reasons to believe and additional implications.
  • A private 60-minute briefing for each sponsor organization led by members of Kantar’s foresight and innovation team to embed the results in your organization.

The metaverse has attracted intense interest, waves of investment, and unlimited questions. Its future potential is both undefined and limitless.

Should you invest now?
Should you avoid this space? Will this blow up? Will this turn into a new market for your brands?

With this much interest and investment pouring into a space that has yet to take shape, now is the time to create and debate plausible futures.

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