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Insights Leadership
in the Age of AI

Insights functions face some fundamental questions about relevance and purpose in the AI era ahead. Insights leaders need a safe space to sort this out. To share, to explore, to listen, to sharpen points of view. Yet, there is no such peer-to-peer forum.

Until now.

Kantar invites you to an exclusive Leadership Roundtable, hosted by UnitedHealth Group in Minneapolis Minnesota, on Thursday, August 15. This is an invitation-only event, exclusive ly extended to a limited number of participants to ensure a meaningful and thoughtful discussion.

The Insights Leadership in the Age of AI Roundtable will feature three core elements:

  1. A special presentation on an updated Insights2030 perspective from Kantar Global Knowledge Lead, J. Walker Smith
  2. A special presentation of the Human+ Model for understanding the next 5 years of AI from Kantar Consulting Senior Partner, Don Abraham
  3. A series of peer-to-peer facilitated discussions designed to help tomorrow’s leaders prepare for what comes next, from which Kantar will produce a summary report for your use.

To be very clear, this will not be a discussion of tools, platforms, or products, but rather a chance to think collaboratively with your peers about the larger big picture issues, challenges, and opportunities of leading an insights organization in a future of AI.

This Leadership Roundtable will begin at 9 a.m. on August 15th and will conclude at 3 p.m. If you can join, we would also like to host you for dinner the night before.

Please join us for this special opportunity to learn from each other and build something extraordinary.

Event is closed for registration.