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Gen Z
& Sustainability

Foresight Co-Lab

While most brands think they know what people mean by sustainability—and are learning what makes Gen Z tick—few if any have their arms around the magnitude of change being unleashed by these cojoined forces. 

The idea of sustainability is about to get a massive makeover as the 60 million members of Gen Z take it well beyond “being green” and connect it to a wider range of social, economic, and cultural issues.   

To help its clients prepare for this next era of sustainability, Kantar is kicking off its Gen Z & Sustainability Co-Lab

This multi-sponsor study will explore how Gen Z’s unique values, attitudes, and expectations will redefine where brands and businesses need to take action on sustainability toward 2030. 

* Kantar defines Gen Z as the nearly 60 million Americans aged 13-24 in 2021. 

Sponsors of the Co-Lab will receive:

  • An onboarding call and an initial set of insights about Gen Z and the sustainability landscape, mined from Kantar MONITOR and its Foundational Sustainability Study.

  • A Co-Lab roundtable with other world-class organizations. Hosted by J. Walker Smith and Don Abraham, this virtual event will give sponsors the chance to engage with peers on the topic of Gen Z and Sustainability. 

  • The Gen Z & Sustainability report based on qualitative and quantitative analysis that will describe how Gen Z will shift the conversation around sustainability and identify opportunities and implications for brands.

  • A private 60-minute briefing for each sponsor organization led by members of Kantar’s foresight and innovation team to embed the study results in your organization.

The Foresight Co-Lab process is an ideal way to explore this topic. We will investigate a variety of questions, including:


Critical starting points

What formative experiences have defined Gen Z’s views on sustainability—and how will that push it beyond yesterday’s version of the idea?


Key breaks with the past

How does Gen Z’s view about sustainability differ from the generations that came before it?


Emerging lifestage effects

How will these views evolve as Gen Z moves into new lifestages in coming years?


New voices and influencers

Who are the activists, influencers, and entrepreneurs defining Gen Z’s views on sustainability?


Future priorities, expectations

What will Gen Z expect brands and businesses to prioritize amid the evolving sustainability landscape?

“Every generation is defined by a signature issue: For Gen Z, that is climate. The transition moment for sustainability has come into view. Remediation is part of this; so is adaptation. For both of these futures, Gen Z will be on the front lines. As other generations hand the reins to Gen Z, climate will be the biggest challenge for society and the marketplace. Gen Z has already begun to rise to this challenge. Gen Z will lean into this issue in far-reaching ways across every category and every business model. The future of sustainability is no less than the future of Gen Z.”

                 J. Walker Smith
Knowledge Lead, Consulting Division


Foresight Co-Lab Reports and Briefings Available Now

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To participate in the upcoming Co-Lab Gen Z & Sustainability or to learn more, please complete the form below.