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WellBEINGS: Looking Beyond Health & Wellness
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The markers and influence of wellbeing have expanded dramatically in the last decade. It has spread to so many areas of our lives that people now filter many of their experiences through its lens. This means that every business needs to make wellbeing a strategic priority and needs to understand how consumers prioritize all aspects of their wellbeing: the physical, the emotional, the social and the financial.

Join us for an introduction to MONITOR’s WellBEINGS—six consumer groups differentiated by their wellness priorities and level of engagement. While we will showcase how wellbeing impacts all sectors, we welcome special guest Brea Stevens, Strategic Marketing Manager with Premera Blue Cross. She will share how her organization has used this intelligence strategically to better serve its stakeholders.

WellBEINGS: Looking Beyond Health & Wellness
WellBEINGS: Looking Beyond Health & Wellness

Kantar MONITOR Energies Immersion
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Post-COVID Trends 
Join us for an exploration of the trends that will matter most in a post-COVID world in which people start to re-engage and unleash a year’s worth of pent-up demand.

GenZ vs Millennial Trends 
Join our generational experts as they reveal how trends can help you better understand Gen Z and the key ways that this disruptive generation differs from Millennials.

Responsibility Trends 
A values shift not seen since the ‘60s is underway and is reshaping how consumers think about responsibility in everything from sustainability to inclusivity. Join us for a look at the future of how businesses can embrace responsibility.

Getting to Next: Engaging GenZ

One year after the disruption of a lifetime, the sports industry is still standing.

But as fans return to venues and we look ahead to a post-pandemic future, sports is facing an even bigger obstacle:  Engaging Gen Z fans and athletes. Amidst a pandemic that has exacerbated declines in youth participation and viewership, sports’ Gen Z problem must be addressed before it becomes a full-fledged crisis.

Ryan McConnell and Steve Kulp, leaders of Kantar Sports MONITOR, share new insight on modern sports fans and participants in this time of change. Featuring analysis of our just-released 2021 Fan Engagement data and commentary from Kantar’s Cultural Streetscapes team, this webinar will explore the big issues shaping the future of sports and sports marketing.

Disruptions Are the New Normal

The pandemic has made clear that the disruptions of the 21st century—terrorism, financial crisis, the iPhone, political upheavals, pandemic—are the new normal. The moderation and stability that characterized the quarter-century before the Great Recession are long gone; frequent and volatile business model discontinuities are set to strain operating and revenue models, which were built for a very different and more stable era.

Future growth opportunities will be found in different kinds of innovation, new styles of living and working, the next generation of technologies, and different approaches to risk. In this presentation, Kantar Knowledge Lead J. Walker Smith shares a view of what this future will look like and a framework to guide business leaders for what they must do to capture future opportunities for growth.