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Disrupted Consumers, Dynamic Commerce

A Kantar Foresight Co-Lab
May-July 2022   
What will commerce look like in 2025 and beyond, and how will consumers engage with this dynamic world?

Join fellow leaders from the world’s top brands to explore these questions and more in Kantar’s latest Foresight Co-Lab, Disrupted Consumers, Dynamic Commerce.

This collaborative research study will bring together insight, foresight, strategy and innovation professionals from diverse industries to unlock powerful perspectives and deliver a clear view of the drivers and dynamics that will define consumers’ relationship with commerce and the marketplace to 2030.

Become a Co-Lab Sponsor

Don’t pass up the chance to participate in this truly unique study where the research is shaped by the specific questions you and your peers are looking to answer. In addition to gaining invaluable peer-to-peer learning and connections, this efficient, two-month process delivers:

  • An onboarding call to learn about your organization’s interests and questions about the future of commerce
  • Participation in an intimate, collaborative roundtable with other sponsoring organizations to share thinking and perspectives and receive an initial POV from Kantar on the most important drivers of change impacting commerce
  • A full, post-roundtable report detailing how consumers’ relationship with commerce will look different in coming years and what it means for businesses and brands
  • A private, 60-minute session with members of Kantar’s foresight and innovation teams to embed project learning into your organization

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